Richardson Bailey’s e-learning offers 5 free, quick and easy awareness modules and a factual resource document. It is there to help you make informed decisions about a career in judicial services. Modules 1 and 2 are introductory modules and if you wish to view further modules, access those by creating an ACCOUNT and you will have access to the resource document and specific modules 3, 4 and 5.

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E-Learning Courses

Introduction to the Judicial Services Sector

This e-learning module will provide an insight into the judicial services sector,
its component parts and the structure of courts, the companies, the individuals and the cases that are within it.

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Types of Judicial Services Sector Work

This module will provide the list of all the roles available, by type. It will provide a understanding of skills required and full details of each individual role.

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This module will provide an initial overview of how judicial service companies deal with, and what candidates need to be aware of, in dealing with vulnerable people in the judicial services industry. It is intended to be only a guide to ensure they are fully aware of the importance placed on vulnerability in the sector.

Data Protection and Information Security

The aim of this module is to provide awareness of the importance of data protection and information security within the context of judicial services work. It will provide a general knowledge of the subject matter and link to specific actions and risks for judicial service work.

Tribunal Courts and Enforcement Act 2007

The aim of this module is provide a clear and excise picture of the role of an EA, providing a general background of history of the role and how the new legislation works and the fundamentals within it.

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